Cypher Premium allows you to have more entertaining and management wise commands so your server is in top shape at all times

Cypher Premium

Current Plans


Get Cypher Premium on 1 server!



Get Cypher Premium on 1 server!



Get Cypher Premium on 1 server!

Bracket Tournament
Let your members compete against each other in a tournament and strive to win. Whoever has the most tickets, wins!
Embedded Messages
Create and style your embeds to make your embeds look better! Edit them anytime and anywhere.
Watchdog AutoMod
Secure your server from raids or any bad people from entering. Administrators are able to setup anything they want to protect their server.
Keep your members up-to-date with anything. Newsletter allows you to send any user with the specific role a DM to update them on whatever you'd like.
Application Forms
Allows you to setup a bunch of questions and let your members fill in the form through DMs! All the questions will be sent to a specific channel which you can setup!
Slowmode Monitoring
When your server is getting spammed the bot will automatically set a slowmode for a channel. Administrators can set up for how long the slowmode will be!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's so special about Cypher Premium?

Cypher Premium allows you to get next-level features in your community. It gives you the opportunity to actually have fun in your community by having Tournaments, "Rigged" Giveaways and so much more, just for a cheap price!

How can I get Cypher Premium?

To obtain Cypher Premium you must subscribe to a plan, which you can see on the top of this page. Once you've chosen your plan complete your check-out process and let us do the rest (You'll automatically get a tutorial on how to setup Cypher Premium for your server)

Am I available to change my subscription plan?

Yes, you are! Quite easily, too. All you'd have to do is select the subscription plan you want to upgrade or downgrade to and proceed the check-out. We'll auomatically handle the rest. (There's a 3 day grace period between chancing subscription plans)

Why are there different subscription plans?

With different subscription plans / tiers you're able to receive Cypher Premium in More servers than - for example - the first subscription plan; which only allows you to get Cypher Premium in 1 server.

Can I Cancel my Cypher Premium subscription?

We're sorry Cypher Premium doesn't fit your likings. If you want to cancel your subscription go to My Servers > Click the server you want to cancel > Cancel Subscription > Fill in the rest.

Can I receive a refund for my payment?

In order to get your payment refunded, please contact us. Payments are ONLY refundable within 15 days.